Friday, June 12, 2009

Bruce Bickford

Clay and Puppet animation has always been two of my favourite animation techniques. The magic in bringing materials to life and give it an personality and an own world to exist in is beautiful. Although my own experience in the area is limited to an audience view so far. One of the magicians in the field is Bruce Bickford who creates ubelievable films with clay. If you get the chance buy the movie The Amazing Mr Bickford wich is a collaboration with Frank Zappa.These two artist worked togehter for 8 years with different projects such as Baby Snakes and City of Tiny Lights in interwievs they have expressed a big admiration for each others work. I guess the art they did togheter(Bickford is the animator) speaks for itself so here is a couple of animations and clips from the documentary about Bruce Bickford Monster Road buy it!

This is part one in a longer discussion with Bruce Bickford check out the rest here

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