Sunday, June 21, 2009

Organ magic

When I was a kid I liked to play with background music. The songs became a part of the play togheter with the toys. One record that I loved back then and still listen to very often was Bo Hansson and his own soundtrack to the Lord Of The Rings. This record was released back in 1970, long before the big hype with Peter Jackson movies and its typical Hollywood orchestra soundtrack.
Bo Hansson plays the Hammond organ wich is the main instrument, with this to lead the way this album is for me one of the best music that someone here in Sweden has yet produced.

Many years after Bo Hanssons Lord of The Rings another great Swedish organ Player Erik Malmberg has taken on the journey that Bo Hansson started. With his former band Sagor & Swing and his Own project. Bo and Erik also found each other some years ago and now they do collaborations so the Swedish Organ tradition lives on!

Download some songs here (Great mellodies are guaranteed):

Very moody song and music video for Sagor & Swing called Into The forest

Sagor & Swing means Fairytales & Swing btw

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