Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Drexciya interview

Here is a recorded interview with one of the Detroit scenes greatest artists James Stinson. A musician known for all his different projects all with a different feel and story. In 2002 the electronic music lost a great role model when he passed away way to early. Listen to this interview and be inspired by a really dedicated artist who truly loved what he did. Exept from Drexciya wich he produced togheter with Gerald Donald James Stinson worked under these names. Clarence G, Lab Rat XL, Other People Place, The, Shifted Phases, Transllusion. He was also a member in these groups Abstract Thought, Elecktroids, L.A.M.

Drexciya - Davey Jones Locker

Download the Drexciya album Neptunes Lair HERE Genius!

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