Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Alone In The Dark

There is something special with the Alone In The Dark game series (Part I, II and II that is) The mood the music the storylines. The past will catch up on the future, sooner or later, game developers will search for this atmosphere again.

Here is some screens from Alone In the Dark I. The First game was heavily inspired by the American Horror and Science Fiction writer H.P Lovecrafts novel Call of Cthulhu.

A video about how the French game developers made Alone In The Dark III

Alone In The Dark II Soundtrack. Since this is taken directly from the Game disc there is also a lot of tracks that is speech parts from the actual game, a littlebit strange to listen to but kind of fun.


Alone In The Dark III Soundtrack. The same goes for this soundtrack, there is a lot of speech parts from the game included.


Call of Cthulhu Audiobook


Some time Ago I worked on a animation inspired by mainly Alone In The Dark I. Here is some
screens of the 3D rooms designed for the animation and the movie itself.

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  1. Hello, nice space you got here. Didn't know.
    I played the first Alone in the dark and almost peed my pants. One game though that is even scarier and more haunting is a game called clocktower that I played on th PS.

    Don't know if you head of it , gives me the chills.