Friday, May 22, 2009

Jean Giraud "Moebius"

DW Design presents to you the French artist Jean Giraud one of the true genius illustrators in the Sci-Fi and fantasy genre. A camelon with many different styles and an unbelievable productivity trough his ongoing career. He began working under his real name Jean Giraud but added his Pseudonym Moebius for the Science fiction and fantasy art. Much of his work is in the comic book genre starting when he was 18 years old but He has also worked as an concept artist for movies such as Alien, The Time Masters, Tron, Masters of the Universe, Willow and The Fifth Element.

These are clips from The documentary Moebius REDUX A Life In Pictures.

For more about Jean Giraud and Moebius got to: (French) (English)


  1. Moebius is one of my favorite artists. It's always fun to learn who the artists I admire like, because then I can see the influence in their work.

    p.s. I wish the primary language of your blog wasn't Swedish! It's a little tough to navigate especially when you're not familiar with Blogger.

  2. Hmm searched for the place were I could change it to English but didnt find it, any help?