Saturday, May 23, 2009

Indie games

The indie game market is growing faster than ever. Thanks to digital distribution small game developers can reach out with alternative games that makes something more with the medium and brakes the boundaries between computer games and art. I came across two very interesting game developers that I am sure we will hear much about in the future.

The first one is Tale of tales and they have released 3 games so far. The Online game Endless Forest, The horror game The Path losely based on the fairytale Little red riding hood. These two are their big titles and then we have a short little game called The Graveyard. If you want to exprerience something different in gaming and get a glimpse of the cutting edge games. visit their homepage, try the demos and buy the games, they all go for under 10 dollars each. The Path and The Graveyard are both Macintosh and PC compatible. The Endless Forest is just for PC.

The Path

The Graveyard

The Endless Forest

The other developer is Broken rules they have created a very special platform game that just have to be experienced. Its called And Yet It Moves and really is something different. From the games homepage you can download the demo or buy the game for under 10 dollars. Its both Macintosh and PC compatible.

And Yet It Moves

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